Published Writing


Gareth is a writer and performer who creates drama and documentary for Irish radio and theatre. He has been published in Analogue Music Magazine, This Is Not Where I Belong, In Transit, Piranha! Magazine, Explore Magazine, Blue Ireland and Albedo One.

Magazine Publications

No More Workhorse
The Girl with all the Gifts (Film Review)
Hell or High Water (Film Review)
War Dogs (Film Review)

The Runt
The Mighty Tenets of Post Reasonabilism

This is Not Where I Belong

Airport Romance (2014 – Issue 8)
Electrafied (2014 – Issue 7)
Diaspora (2014 – Issue 5)
Happy Together (2013 – Issue 3)
Marley (2013 – Issue 2)

Aontas Explore Magazine – Turning Learning On It’s Head (2012)

Blue Ireland Magazine

If Music Be the Food Of Love, Fuck an Orchestra (Issue 1)
Problems Page (Issue 1)
The Irish Bondage Scene (Issue 2)
Problems Page (Issue 2)

Albedo One – Creepdoll (2009 – issue 37)

Piranha! magazine – Various articles (2008 – issue 1)

Analogue magazine

Feature: X-Ray Spex Retrospective (Issue 1)
Interview: Simple Kid (Issue 1)
Interview: Seasick Steve (Issue 1)
Review: Electric Picnic 2007 (Issue 1)
Interview: Buck 65  (Issue 1)
Interview: Andrew Bird (Issue 2)
Interview: King Tut  (Issue 2)
Interview: Magnetic Fields (Issue 3)
Album Review: Parenthetical Girls (Issue 4)
Feature: Album Swap (Issue 4)
Editorial (Issue 5)
Album Review: Jenny Lewis (Issue 5)
Album Review: Brendan Canning (Issue 5)
Album Review: Bowerbirds (Issue 5)
Interview: Dublin Duck Dispensary (Issue 6)
Album Review: Skeletons (and the doll faced girls) – Money (Issue 6)
Album Review: Simon Bookish – Everything / Everything (Issue 6)
Album Review: Lambchop – Oh (Ohio) (Issue 6)
Variety of online features and blog posts.

In Transit magazine – The Fremont Street Experience

Icarus Magazine – Extended Procedure

Alexander (Film Review)
The Polar Express (Film Review)
Team America Word Police (Film Review) – Why we Bebo


Mic Drop, play staged at the Scene + Heard Festival.
One Night, Forever Ago, play staged at the New Irish Playbook.

Radio Drama

The Wall in the Mind – Radio series, broadcast on Newstalk
The Wedding Tree – Radio drama, broadcast on Newstalk
Choices – Radio series, broadcast on Dublin City FM.
Any Other Dublin – Radio Series, broadcast on Dublin City FM
Been There; Seen There – Radio Series, broadcast on Near FM
(with Gordon Rochford & Allison Spittle)
The Emerald Arts – (Radio Series, broadcast on Near FM)
(with Andrew Booth & John Hoysted)
The Invisible Tour Guide – 2009 – episodes 1 – 6



Unpublished Work

Fiction | Poetry | Academic

All work is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 2.5 License

Creative Commons License


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