Published Writing


Gareth is a writer and performer who creates drama and documentary for Irish radio and theatre. He has been published in Analogue Music Magazine, This Is Not Where I Belong, In Transit, Piranha! Magazine, Explore Magazine, Blue Ireland and Albedo One.

No More Workhorse

2016 – Various film reviews

Mic Drop, play staged at the Scene + Heard Festival.

One Night, Forever Ago, play staged at the New Irish Playbook.

The Wall in the Mind

Radio series, broadcast on Newstalk

2016 – episodes 1 – 6

The Wedding Tree

Radio drama, broadcast on Newstalk

2016 – one off drama

The Runt

2015 – With The Runt Flies at Dusk


2015 – Night of the Runt #7

The Mighty Tenets of Post Reasonabilism

This is Not Where I Belong

2014 – Issue 8

Airport Romance

2014 – Issue 7


2014 – Issue 5


2013 – Issue 3

Happy Together (Short story)

2013 – Issue 2

Marley (Flash fiction)


Radio series, broadcast on Dublin City FM.

2014 – episodes 1 – 6

Any Other Dublin

Radio Series, broadcast on Dublin City FM

2013 – episodes 1 – 6

Been There; Seen There

Radio Series, broadcast on Near FM

2013 – episodes 1 – 6
(with additional contributions from Gordon Rochford and Allison Spittle)

Aontas Explore Magazine

2012 – issue 20

Article: Turning Learning On It’s Head

The Emerald Arts (Radio Series, broadcast on Near FM)

2011 episodes 1 – 6
(co-written with Andrew Booth & John Hoysted)

Blue Ireland Magazine

2010 – issue 1

If Music Be the Food Of Love, Fuck an Orchestra

Problems Page

2010 – issue 2

The Irish Bondage Scene

Problems Page

The Invisible Tour Guide (Podcast Series)

2009 – episodes 1 – 6

Albedo One

2009 – issue 37

Short story: Creepdoll

Piranha! magazine

2008 – issue 1

Various articles

Analogue magazine

issue 1

Feature: X-Ray Spex Retrospective
Interview: Simple Kid
Interview: Seasick Steve
Review: Electric Picnic 2007
Interview: Buck 65

issue 2

Interview: Andrew Bird
Interview: King Tut

issue 3

Interview: Magnetic Fields

issue 4

Album Review: Parenthetical Girls
Feature: Album Swap

issue 5

Album Review: Jenny Lewis
Album Review: Brendan Canning
Album Review: Bowerbirds

issue 6

Interview: Dublin Duck Dispensary
Album Review: Skeletons (and the doll faced girls) – Money
Album Review: Simon Bookish – Everything / Everything
Album Review: Lambchop – Oh (Ohio)

Variety of online features and blog posts.

in transit magazine

The Fremont Street Experience

Icarus Magazine

Extended Procedure

Review: Alexander
Review: The Polar Express
Review: Team America Word Police

Why we Bebo

Unpublished Work

Fiction | Poetry | Academic

All work is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 2.5 License

Creative Commons License


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