Jocks on Acid

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A stroll down Killiney beach last Saturday would have taken you on a dark ambient journey. Under the illustrated pier of the old icecream shop huddled a group of alternative sound tinkerers. This was the second ever ‘Seascape Soundscape‘, an occasional non-hierarchical collaboration facilitated by Sebastian Dooris, one half of ambient drone duo ‘Deathness Injection‘ (profiled in Episode 1 of ‘Mad Scientists of Music’). With a single battery powered practice amp, and a motley collection of distortion peddles, korg microsynths, tape loops, kaossilators and contact mics, we hammered away – our noises sheltered and reverberating under the victorian overhang. We were a mixed group, real musicians like Stewart Geelon of Luxury Mollusc, sonically feuding with enthusiastically tone deaf participants like me. Weather permitting, we will return, to sheer the beach of bathers and darken the glorious blue skies.


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