Threat Detection – Episode 14


Download: Episode 14

We discuss…

1) Ars reveals the very short tail of steam game ownership

2) The importance of verbs – hilarious Day Z torture video demonstrates the bizarre social mechanics that can develop from relatively simply interaction mechanics. We need more of these! Day Z has bandage, steal, tie up, force feed, take blood, give supplies / clothing. They greatly increase the long now of interaction possibilities with a character. What other potential verbs would improve a game of this ilk?
Negative – Chain / enslave, brand / force tattoo, shave, strip, hobble, tie to something / crucify. Positive – train / teach a skill, cure a disease. Neutral / Chaotic? It’s difficult to think of positive interaction verbs – perhaps because thinking about action verbs is instrumental logic – implies using someone.

3) Kickstarter for a fun asymmetrical VR multiplayer title. Hundreds of fighter jet vs giant human in motion capture suit. Uses advanced multicamera optical motion capture – this will be an arcade event style game: ‘Giant vs Horde’.


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