Threat Detection – Episode 10


Download: Episode 10

We discuss…

1) More VR rumours
Sony’s VR unit ‘morpheus’
– 300 dollars / euro with camera (loss leader)
– will be named PS View or imagine or some crap
– may be out before Rift (early 2015)
– lots of software in development in house – including VR Last of Us, Drive Club, a VR interface for the PS4 and VR home, also titles from guerilla and sucker punch
– trying to make VR less sad with lots of ‘asymmetric multiplayer – ala you with headsets mates use TV’
– playstation hardware designed with VR in mind
– No PC compatibility – Sony want to work with oculus to ensure compatibility / cross platform
– Finally – Sony also demoed a separate gaze tracking product with Infamous second son – won’t be a part of initial VR offering – but eye tracking could ultimately massively boost VR fidelity and FPS with foveated rendering

2) Will we see a return to local multiplayer
– Nintendo continuing to refocus on local multiplayer
– VR second screen asymmetric multiplayer
– second screen multiplayer (tablet) in new titles like the division
– success of small multiplayer titles like towerfall


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