Threat Detection – Episode 9


Download: Episode 8

We discuss…

1) Oculus DK 2 and Sony VR HMD ‘Morpheus’ announced
– you can order the DK2 today – ships July
– Sony unit has smaller FOV (90 vs 110 – diagonal) but otherwise very comparable
– DK2 is 1080p (divided over two eyes)
– Sony unit includes 3D audio – powered by new binaural engine – requires Sony camera
– Sony units design fits over glasses (weight is not on face)
– both have AMOLED screens – oculus pentile (reduces screen door)
– DK2 has full positional tracking (lean)
– DK2 has bigger ‘sweet spot’ and better lenses
=> hands on with Sony
=> hands on with DK2
comparison impressions
– initial impressions – oculus has better tracking – dedicated IR camera – sony has better screen
– neither meet the threshold for ‘presence’ (90 hrz refresh etc)
interview with oculus
– similar price (approx 300 for final version of both)

2) Other GDC announcements
– Cytek – now 10 dollars a month (per user) for devs
– UE4 now 20 dollars a month (per user) plus 5% of gross profits
– me too VR solutions from Gameface (all inclusive android on your face) and Sulon (stick your phone in the headset AR / VR with stereo cameras)
– Lots of new PS3/ PS4 middleware announced
=> open source version of XNA
=> Gamemaker now exports to Sony devices
=> Unity PS4 support coming
=> Sony Authoring tools framework (used in last of us) now free download

3) More on a new kind of multiplayer – ‘Crawl’ is a roguelike where your friends play the monsters

4) Irrational developers talk to Polygon about the last days of the company.

According to those with whom we spoke, the closure was the combined result of unfettered creative freedom, lower-than-expected sales, the butting of heads between Levine and his
employees and the unrealistic expectations of big-budget game development.


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