The Gareth Stack Show Live – Featuring Gareth Stack – Episode 1

I’m ordinarily a modest man. I received an award for it in college. It was a small thing, hardly worth mentioning, although they kept giving it to me year after year. ‘Gareth’, they said, cheer speaking as they held me aloft on their warm, respectful shoulders, ‘Don’t be so modest. Wait, no, do, that’s what the award is for, we guess’. So it was with the greatest reluctance that I accepted Andrew Booth‘s longstanding invitation to appear on his highly regarded radio programme, ‘The Gareth Stack Show, Live Featuring Gareth Stack’. I’ve always been one of the shows many avid listeners, and although I’m of course very busy at the moment preparing myself for the biennial GarethCon, I was honoured to participate. Andrew runs a tight ship over there on ‘The Gareth Stack Show Live Featuring Gareth Stack’, let me tell you. Lots of ‘mistakes’ and unfunny moments are carefully added into the show in real time to give it a naturalistic feel. You’d never know the hundreds of hours Andrew and his team put in, planning and rehearsing each weekly episode.

I was astonished to at the star studded roster of guests, from lady actressette and cookwoman Aoife Coughlan, to writer and clinical psychologist Mr Dr Darragh McCausland and music hacker John Leech (Siam Collective). Not to mention the subversive antihumour mixed into the proceedings by the notorious Gordon Rochford and Andy McGarry. I think I even heard some Saul Philbin Bowman in there, but I can’t be sure.

All in all it was quite the experience. I look forward to listening to the next person chosen to play the part of Gareth Stack. I know he’ll do a better job than I did. But it seems impossible that he’ll be more humble about it.

Download: Episode 1

Update: We’re on iTunes.


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