Threat Detection – Episode 1


First episode of our new weekly videogame show.

Download: Threat Detection Episode 1

We discuss…

1) Indie Video game end of year discussion…
– No mans sky, Fex, State of Decay, Kerbal Space Programme, Mirror Moon, Kentucky Route Zero, Hotline Miami, Gone Home.

 2) Virtual reality and the Oculus Rift – Improvements on existing technology, omni-treadmill, reactive grip (tactical haptics), sixsense controller
– hundreds of indie game experiences already created for development kits
– Palmer Lucky, John Carmack
– Demo Day at A4 sounds – limitations – resolution, tracking, machine required
– support from Valve, Epic, Unity
– the seductive horror of virtual reality
– Augmented Reality – Cast AR (Jerri Elsworth, mounted projectors), Sulon GVX (self contained – mysterious room filling illusion), infiniteye 210
– The depth of immersion and its possible diminishing returns


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