Marshmallow Ladyboy Jesus 10 – Multiply Your Harlotries


Dublin’s most alternative comedy night returns, with new videos, power points and skits, and special guests Megan Nolan, Sarina Kajani, Gary Lynch. Your MC as always is Dublin’s most well liked comedian Gareth Stack.

Friday, 8th April, 8PM

Gary Lynch

garyGary Lynch has been performing standup comedy around Ireland and the UK since 2009. He co-founded the infamous Underground Comedy Club, which rapidly became the home of original outrageous standup comedy in Ireland. Gary is infamous for his searingly honest and politically incorrect critiques of Irish culture.

Megan Nolan

meganMegan Nolan hosts the “Voice of the Youth” segment at Voicebox in Twisted Pepper every month. In 2007 she was awarded Cuisle Young Poet of the Year. She’s also a rapper and founder of the group ‘You’re Only Massive’. Megan was recently a featured performer at Maeve Higgen’s Enlightenment night, and regularly writes about comedy and culture.

Sarina Kajani
Sarina Kajani once defeated a multinational child sex trafficking cartel using her left thumb. She also had help from an eccentric 5 year old who constantly exclaimed ‘ I need to wiiizzlllleee!!!’
She now spends her time making cakes, feeding lonely college students in exchange for their love. She’s that desperate for attention. She also has a particular affinity to the word asphyxiate but would never divulge in such an act as that is bold. She rarely abides by the Christian virtue of modesty, but who cares? Bitch be Muslim.

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