Marshmallow Ladyboy Jesus 9


Marshmallow Ladyboy Jesus returns! Now Dublin’s most bizarre, varied and experimental comedy show will be taking place in Twisted Pepper. That’s right, we’re officially a part of Bodytonic’s ‘Gut’s’ Friday night comedy initiative, alongside amazing nights from MLBJ alumni – Cian Hallinan’s Voicebox, Damon Blake’s ‘Eat Cake‘, and Sarah Griffen & Lisa Keegan’s ‘Scarleh’ Fer Yer Ma‘.

This Friday March 18th at 8PM in Twisted Pepper, we present…

Enda Muldoon

enda-muldoonEnda Muldoon began comedy four years ago in a bid to deal with deep seated childhood psycholgical trauma. This badly thought out attempt at purging his demons in public proved not only to be unsuccessfull, but has involved many of his shows ending with his admission to a psychiatric unit. Not strictly a comedian, watching Enda perform is a dark view at the fragility of the human psyche. The fact that anyone would give him a microphone, is proof in itself that the collapse of society is imminent. THE RACE TO THE BOTTOM IS OVER, COME SEE THE WINNER.

Rowan Manahan

rowan-monaghanFounder of Fortify Services, a Dublin-based consulting and career management firm. Author of Where’s My Oasis? and Ultimate CV. Speaker, trainer, TEDx curator, husband, father, storyteller and dancing bear.

Lucy Moffat
Lucy Montague-Moffatt is a writer, stand-up comedian and one of Dublin’s female sketch comedy trio ‘Shinoxcy’. She has been writing and performing comedy around Ireland since 2009, including performing an original satirical play by Shinoxcy as part of the 2010 ABSOLUT Fringe. She will be performing in two separate shows for the 3 week Edinburgh Fringe Festival this year, this will more that likely cause insanity and /or death.
Lucy’s other hobbies include hello kitty, cycling around town dangerously and trying her best to ignore the imminent apocalypse.

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