Marshmallow Ladyboy Jesus 8 – Faith


Marshmallow Ladyboy Jesus returns! Now Dublin’s most bizarre, varied and experimental comedy show will be taking place in Twisted Pepper/. That’s right, we’re officially a part of Bodytonic’s ‘Gut’s’ Friday night comedy initiative, alongside amazing nights from MLBJ alumni – Cian Hallinan’s Voicebox, Damon Blake’s ‘Eat Cake‘, and Sarah Griffen & Lisa Keegan’s ‘Scarleh’ Fer Yer Ma‘.

Over the past year we’ve brought you vomiting performance artists, freestyling parody rappers, live radio theatre, naked storytelling, and hilarious interactive videos from some of the best alternative comics in Ireland.

For our first show of 2011, we proudly present…

Kalle Ryan and the Brown Bread Players!

Kalle’s ‘Brownbread Mixtape‘ has been consistently the most popular comedy night in the city since kicking off a year and a half ago. At the centre of the night are the Brown Bread Players – a wonderfully talented set of voice actors who perform Kalle’s bizarre skits and astute satire.

Paul Doyle

One of Dublin’s most promising new standups will be trolling the sex people of Chatroulette.

Gary Lynch

Dublin’s darkest comic and co-founder of ‘The Underground’ club. The comedian’s comedian, Gary is known for his dark enigmatic stage presence & grotesque wit. At MLBJ he’ll be straying from standup for the first time to bring you an all new experimental act.

Your MC as always will be controversial writer & comedian Gareth Stack, of Piranha! Magazine, Blue Ireland Magazine, and most recently the Digital Socket Awards. If you enjoyed sipping the chaos & acrimony that followed Gareth’s ‘Rickie Gervais at the Golden Globes’ shtick, then come drink from the source, at Marshmallow Ladyboy Jesus 8.

More acts T.B.A!

Time: Friday, 11 February, 8PM
Place: Twisted Pepper, 54 Middle Abbey Street Dublin 1

All profits go to Collective art centre Exchange Dublin.


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