Cheaper Than Therapy, A One Manbaby Show


“Over the past few months I’ve been telling stories. Silly stories, funny stories, disgusting stories, tragic stories – but all of them romantic disaster stories! Now it’s time to put them together in the first performance of ‘Cheaper Than Therapy’, an uncensored show about love, sex, manhood and the horrors of dating.

This is strictly a ‘for one night only’ workshop – I’ll be bringing it to festivals in the future if all goes well.”

‘Cheaper Than Therapy’, is an evening of ‘Moth style’ comic anecdotes of romantic disaster. Stories from Cheaper Than Therapy have been featured at a variety of Dublin Storytelling events including Tongue Box (formerly Ra), ‘Scarleh Fer Yer Ma Fer Havin’ Ya’, and ‘Milk and Cookie Stories’.

When: Sunday, 24th October, 9PM
Where: Twisted Pepper, Dublin, Abbey Street, Dublin 1
Admission: € 3

High Resolution Poster


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