Changing Podcast Subscriptions

I’ve been listening to podcasts for about five years now, as well as producing more than a couple of my own, and over that time my tastes have changed quite a bit. Looking back over the shows I’ve enjoyed in the past, I note much less podfade than I might have imagined. More often I’ve simply grown tired of a given shows format (which tends, as with radio programmes, to remain extremely static once a successful approach has been developed). Here’s a list of what I’m currently listening to. I don’t own a TV or a radio for that matter, so I’m always on the lookout for more podcast recommendations. Get in touch if you find something worth sharing!

Currently subscribed podcasts

This American Life
In Our Time
The Moth Storytelling Podcast
Savage Love
Irrational Behaviour
Best Show Podcast
A Life Well Wasted

Formerly subscribed pocasts

New Yorker Fiction
New Yorker Out Loud
NPR Story of the day
NPR All Songs Considered
The Sound of Young America
Collings and Herrin Podcasts
Escape Pod
WNYC Radiolab
This Week in Tech
Starship Sofa
BBC Film Programme
Poetry Off The Shelf

No Longer Available (Podfade!)

Accelerating Change Conference
Slate Explainer
4 Guys 1 Up
2 Irish Geeks & A TV
Love & Radio
Russell Brand
Slate Daily Podcast
Out Of The Game


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