Jackdaw Fool update: New Chapter

cover3Good news from our unintentionally offensive, though not yet well known enough to be controversial novel ‘Jackdaw Fool‘. New chapter goes up today, it’s called ‘A Man in Full, and sits at the end of the second section of the book, When devils will the blackest sins.

You can finally read the book from the beginning almost to the end, with only the final chapter still to come.

There’s a lot that still needs to change, and a good deal of frayed ends that need tying – but we are approaching first draft at maximum dork!

If you haven’t read the book before, scoot over to ‘Hipnovel.com‘, and check it out from the beginning. Here’s a brief synopsis…

Iago Coakes, television critic, is a man possessed. Possessed of a mysterious fortune, a bitter ex-wife, and a prodigious daughter he can’t stand. Possessed of bowel problems, grim incurable venereal diseases, and a terror of a womans private place. Possessed above all, of unending gluttonous desire – for sex, drugs, power, and for adventure.

And here’s a wee snippet from the latest chapter!

The boot is silent now, the bat and ball of cornering has quieted her. Could be she’s fooling sleep to leap and bite you like a cornered rat. ‘Melody, Melody told me,’ that bitch! Back at your place you will quiet her. There you have all the tools for the job. Good as new mostly. Toys you bought and never used. Idling ambitions. In the bedroom where you never go, there are cuffs on the wall above the bed. It was her dream home after all. Yes, you will string the houri up and pat her down. You will break her fucking silence.


Wheel wielded tumbling steel breathless eight millimetre end over end branches through the window verdant boxers swinging gravities fire at your feet crocheting mysteries of glass and steel and ampersands and and and and…

Read on


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