Jesus has a Hunch


The social recommendation system, allows you to build expert systems (primitive artificial intelligences really) to suggest products, services or solutions to everyday problems. By entering a series of questions, and suggesting a collection of solutions, users can build miniature problem solvers, answering questions like ‘What martial art should I learn?’ or ‘Which contraceptive is right for me?’, and ‘Where to buy GHB?’.

Over the past month, partly out of boredom, mostly out of geekish whimsy, I’ve be ‘training a topic’ on the site. Training a question about what else, comedy. During this month the usefulness of the topic has grown, as other Hunch users have added additional questions and suggested additional results. Click on the image above to try out Marshmallow Ladyboy Jesus’s quiz – ‘Which British TV comedy should I watch?


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