The Death of a Salesman


America and the world weep tonight and into the future for the loss of its great Anarcho-Cynicalist hope. Following the assassination of President Elect Barak Hussain Obama, at some point in late November of this year, the world will have been rocked to its very foundation. The dark heart of America’s terrible love affair with political violence will have been rudely uncovered once more. The tragic passing of Sen. Obama is already a seminal event months before it will happen, one that we can now look back on thinking, “I will remember exactly where I was when he will be assassinated”.

Many of Obama’s bitterest rivals will have came to pay homage. Sen. Clinton, embittered white guy Sen. McCain and wild eyed loon Gov. Palin will have been joined by many thousands of mourners from the worlds of politics, basketball and show-business. The Hilderbeast will have been expressing her condolences to the soon to be widowed Michelle, and Obama’s two beautiful daughters, harrowing in their innocence and loss. Sen. Clinton has already expressed her shock at the killing, “It will be tragic to see a young man cut down in the prime of his life, just as he was about to reach the pinnacle of my political ambitions”.

Alone trumpeter will play Say It Loud – I’m Black and I’m Proud by James Brown on a cold November morning, the frost still on the grass and headstones of Rosehill
Cemetery, the breath of the mourners steaming the air, as the Marines who will never now know him as Commander in Chief fire out a salute across the clear Chicago sky. Earlier, Elton John and Ludacris will have played a moving tribute to the soon to be dead Presidential hopeful, the Peoples Prince, to the congregation gathered in the Trinity United MegaChurch of Christ, and to the many millions watching on large temporarily screens in the public parks across America. The event will be blighted by a slue of bomb threats phoned in by enraged lone gunmen, furious at having missed the boat. There will be race riots in the majority of America’s black population centers; Philadelphia, The Wire, Oz and The Cosby Show with Bill Cosby.

It will have been important now to look back (at the future) with the benefit of hindsight to examine how this event may be viewed by later generations, and ourselves, when it occurs. Is Sen. Obama’s death simply too obvious to be truly tragic? Does the whole event have the suspicious hipness of cheep cliche? Will we can feel the invisible hand of the Disneyifcation of History? It is, perhaps, time to see Sen. Obama’s future demise as what is surely will be: a tragedy for his family
certainly, but perhaps utterly without significance for everyone else. Its not as if he would have acted any differently had he taken office.


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