From the diary of Hego

November 5th, Year of my Lord, 2008

hegoWoke up this morning, and looked over at Mrs Hego. Her aches must have woken her again as she was moaning terribly. She suffers horribly from a chronic pain in her upper thighs and has a battery operated massager, which is the only thing that offers her any relief. She is such a trooper she won’t even let me try to help, saying I have cold dead hands! Good horse.

Later, after breakfast, I left my massive free city-centre mansion to get a bit of fresh air – these old buildings with their art and riches get so stuffy – and have a wonder round my playbox.

Trinity looks beautiful at this time of year.
I love roaming about, looking down at the students. They really are so silly and dirty! I do so much for them, it’s little wonder they stare at me. It will be so much better when they’re all gone (2012 at the latest).

hego_houseCalled in to Stokesy’s office for a quick chat, to see if we could get the student to Hego ratio closer to naught to one.
She suggested we bring back hanging Catholics, but I thought that would only make us more popular with the Brits. She, of course, reminded me of my oaths and I
said three “Hail Queen Lizzies” as penance, and a quick prayer end of Independence. De Velera’s failed experiment will be over soon and we all get back to persecuting Cork and sacrificing goats under the Campanile.

Still after a busy day wandering hither and tither, it was back for a quick change and then off to some event or another. So many banquets and so much champagne – it’s little wonder I’m getting a bit pudge. But then, everything is so tiring and I’m saturated in ennui. I really wouldn’t wish this life on anyone. But then, as I lay down to sleep my wife’s moans and her blessed machine’s buzzing seem like a lullaby.

After all, tomorrow is another day..


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