Even More Books from our Endless Golden Shelves

Also Out This season!!!

cryThe aeroplane is cramped, foul smelling and your still aching from the cavity search. But none of that matters, because you’re reading the stunning new book about growing up unloved. Ben’s latest autobiography – ‘They broke me in the cellar’, is out now. Critics are calling it ‘an unprecedented journey into human misery’, ‘bleak beyond belief’ and ‘a nightmare you’ll never wake up from’. Remember, ask for it by name – don’t just say ‘I want one of those abuse books’.

Slaaaaaaag – The Autobiography of a Dublin Madame

Read how she fell from grace into a pit of dick. “Times were tough, men were rough, so I sold me muff.” As serialised in the Irish News on Sunday in Ireland, the sick and brutal truth of life as a Slaaaaaaag. Throw away your porn, you’ll never need it again.

All of our back catalogue can now be ordered online at the internet dot com.
An audio version of our catalogue is available, here.


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