Dame St Shooting Gallery Courts Controversy


Residents and business owners of Dublin’s thriving Dame St quarter are up in arms over the recent arrival of a drug rehabilitation and drop in centre. The building, located on one of Georgian Dublin’s most magnificent streets has become a haven for bedraggled addicts, whose soiled garments and uncommon stench are creating a public eyesore.Trinity staff and students have added their voices to the chorus calling for the closure of the controversial development, with staff close to the Junior Dean describing her quote “outrage and disgust” at the embarrassment the drop in centre is bringing to the street. The centre, part of a popular united states initiative, begun in the notorious Washington metropolis of Seattle, has strong connections to the seedy and disreputable ‘counter culture’. It’s walls are garish, daubed with large plastic signs and supposed evidence of ‘community initiatives’ cynically engineered to temper Dubliners’ understandable rage and disgust.

A spokesperson for the initiative described how ‘happy and proud the company were to be bringing their unique brand to a vital and culturally exciting city’, adding insult to injury by implying that typical Dublin residents might enjoy the centres hospitality. Such drop in centres claim that they reduce intravenous drug use, and promote support and recovery for addicts. However, Marshmallow has learnt that rather than supplying harmless substitutes, the new centre in fact feeds the addicts their poison directly – openly selling a wide variety of addictive ‘treats’ to the dead eyed who queue for hours for their customised decadence.
MLBJ is, like all right thinking organisations, roundly disgusted at the development. We are not however, prepared merely to carp. The magazine has organised a large rally, which will assemble at the campanile next Tuesday at 2pm, and proceed to march to the very steps of this den of inequity, this hovel of addiction, this nest of corruption, this ‘Starbucks’. If you’d like to help us produce banners and t-shirts in advance of the event, please come one come all to our pre-protest preparation, on Monday night in West Coast Coffee, just off Dawson Street. On the Right there.


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