Balbriggan Meat Interpretive Centre


* Experience the 3D thrill ride of a life time ‘from farm to market’
– gasp as state of the art misters douse you in meaty juices
– an unforgettable meatsperience

* Try your luck at our carnival games
– lamb to the slaughter – can you bolt the brain first time?
– pig snout make out

* Meat petting zoo

* BYOM mincing counter

* Exclusive meat fashions – gowns, crowns and undergarments

* Live show – offal on ice – watch meat dance!

* The other other white meat – learn about controversial new Japanese meats
hitting the market

* Men of meat – meat the hunters, butchers and packers who bring you your dinner

* Free anaemia booklet – dire facts about a life without meat

* Sample delicious meat products you never knew existed
– Kellogs Pork flakes
– Lamb’s liver jams
– Stork – the delicious fusion of swine and steer


Drive to Balbriggan, then keep going, on a bit, third left, then about a hundred yards and we’re the second warehouse in the yard.


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