Cowen stripped naked and hanged.


The Taoiseach Brian Cowen made like Mussolini recently after he was stripped naked and hanged. And much like the rotund fascist he didn’t seem to take it too well. Indeed following this report by RTE our old friends at Fianna Fail and their media toadies threw their toys out of the pram, claiming that the report was an attack on the office of the Taoiseach and on the dignity of Mr Cowen. They even suggested that the head of RTE ought to consider his position.

What a load of po-faced assholes. The only attack on the dignity of the office of Taoiseach here is by its current incumbent and by his snivelling supporters. Perhaps they wish to distract from the giant clusterfuck they’ve presided over.

Now plod is taking action, prompted surely by the prattling of the politicians. Following the news that Today FM has been in email contact with the artist responsible for this triumph Garda requested access to the emails, in order to issue said artist with a caution on three separate criminal charges in connection with incitement, indecency and criminal damage ie for hammering a nail into the wall of the National Gallery. The quote being bandied about is: “the powers that be want action taken”.

Anyway, here’s the original report;

This story has been much covered in the blogs, and we’re quite late getting to it. Best coverage I’ve found is here, which includes a link through to Ray D’Arcy naming the artist live on air, and the original Sunday Tribune piece. Its worthwhile looking on Twitter for this, look for #picturegate. News on the Today FM site is that the paintings will be auctioned by the artist, so presumably he’s going to come forward, and the proceeds will go to charity.

Thanks to G. keeping me abreast of the online chatter on this.

UPDATE: Here’s a photoshop gallery of some alt Cowen pix, over at . Plus, huzzah! for whoever has been putting up little versions of the originals around D2.


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