Idiot reveals self to be idiot.

Some goon from England, in 2nd year English (in Ireland), had decided to record himself rapping dreadfully about Trinity, and D4 types in general. Dreadful execution and badly thought out lyrics, subject and flow let down this otherwise sterling effort. As in we like the picture of the GMB you pikied off google.

________________cheers to the wingnut for sourcing this.


5 thoughts on “Idiot reveals self to be idiot.

  1. Andrew Booth says:

    Oh, indeed.

    But hang on, why only 800%? Isn’t that a bit small? I reckon, with a bit of a wind behind him he might even get to 826%. I don’t think you should sell you friend short. After all, if you can’t toady well enough, he might well dump you.

  2. Andrew Booth says:

    “Where has your English accent gone Andrew? You didnt talk like you do now when you were at Harrow?”

    Why is the second bit a question?

    And to answer your accusation, anyone who has heard my masterful version of GymClass Heroes opus will attest to my wildly superior spitting abilities…

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