Marshmallow Ladyboy Jesus is a new online satire magazine from the makers of Piranha. We’re tired of the toothless glass jawed nudge nudge that stands in for satire in Ireland, so were launching this site as a testbed for experimental comedy and unpalatable commentary in all it’s forms.

Marshmallow Ladyboy Jesus is our favourite Jesus. We like to picture him with his alabaster skin, rouged cheeks, casual transvestism and generous bleeding heart, dancing backstage at a Devendra Banhart gig, flirting with Joanna Newsom. He represents all that is soft, cuddly, and more importantly cute about Christian boys.

On this site, you will find…

Dark Little Tales
– post modern stories illuminating our dark, hellish (sic) world

Web of Darkness
– obscure cartoons and videos from around the net

History of Comedy

– Utterly pretentious examinations of the history and future of comedy writing and performance.

Social Commentary
– Contentious articles and reportage.

Original Comedy Writing
– Sketches, satire and surrealism.

All that in addition to Irish Comedy News, Artificial Advertisements, Fictional Columnists, Fairly unbalanced Movie Reviews, Web comics and banned art.

To start with, we’ve collected all our Piranha articles from 2008 – 2009, and releasing the articles we prepared for a second, unreleased issue. You’ll find all the past Piranha archives here already, as well as a PDF of the 2008 issue.

In today’s rough and tumble hurly burly media landscape, it can be impossible to sort the sweet sustaining wheat from harsh bitter mounds of chaff.
Major corporations led by obese diseased ancients from their grim gothic mansions, dictate the opinions of lapdog reviewers. Conde Naste, Murdock Media, Sony BMG, MSNBC – corporate behemoths, cavernous maws and endless pockets.

In a time of war, a time of greed, a time of emaciated blond anchorpeople with rictus boxtoxed grins and Oral Roberts MBA’s, who can be trusted?

That’s where we come in. Marshmallow Ladyboy Jesus, a product of Jackdaw Media Group (JDMG), available online and in no newsagents, no matter how good, is a supplier of 100 % independent newstruth.

Our articles are hand crafted from the finest honesty by critics of taste and decency, ensuring an unparalleled level of independent, unbiased truthiness.

By accepting only the most obscenely generous gratuities, our readers can be assured that when we do sell out, we are not bought cheaply.

Marshmallow Ladyboy Jesus, your guide dog in the rush hour traffic of entertainment.

Quench your thirst for truth.

Your editors,

Gareth Stack
Andrew Booth

Marshmallow Ladyboy Jesus, is a Jackdaw Fool comedy production.


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