Unintentional Humour No. 5

urlI seem to find right wing loons inordinately funny. Their conspiracy theories are marvelously convoluted and painstakingly explained. In the example below, a man dead pans his theory that the massive memorial being built on the field where the wreckage of Flight 93 landed is in fact a celebration of Islamic terrorism. The music is so very perfect. It totally encapsulates the feeling of good vs evil, indeed it is a triumphant expression of this.

At one point, near the beginning of the video, it states- directly after a lot of quite complicated misinterpretations of architects drawings – that the memorial is an Islamic Crescent, pointing to Mecca.

A clearer depiction of al-Qaeda victory is hard to imagine.

Well, actually it’s quite possible to imagine many depictions of Al-Qaeda victory that don’t rely on mathematically not quite proving your theory about a big half circle of trees and secret glass boxes representing terrorists. For instance: a giant statue of a sandal crushing Uncle Sam’s face would do the trick. Or that big art project they’ve go going in Gitmo.


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