Unintentional Humour No. 4

I spend an inordinate amount of time wondering around the back end of the internet. The places where the darkness lies, where jihadis log on for chats, where the survivalists talk politics and where the BNP threaten and intimidate. I’m probably on some government no fly list because of it. No matter.

I’ve recently wondered back into the corner of the information super highway inhabited by British fascists, what with them all being outed there the other day (link to torrent here and to the text file here, at the ever brilliant wikileaks). A decent intro into this bizarre world, where people venerate the incredibly camp Are You Being Served at the same time as hating homosexualists, and live with permanent terror hards at the idea of Muslims, is the blog Red Squirrel’s ‘Nut Cracking’ Nationalist Blog.

Why the red squirrel? Well because the red squirrels were defeated in the game of Darwinism by ‘foreign’ grey squirrels. Apparently the grey squirrels are Muslims….

It is incredibly badly written, totally incoherent in places:

By now any thinking person has joined the dots on this story and refused to accept the 2+2 =5 answer that the state wanted you to come up with.
Instead the true British People see the truth of 2+2 = 4. But they and others now, thanks to the publishing of the list see more.

and the loving:




The way I see it is that ANYONE who wishes to destroy our Folk IS DEAD FUCKING MEAT!

Anyway, what marks out this hateful little blog from the others in its ilk is the brilliantly funny music video for Triumph of Will by Battlecry which is posted there. Battlecry are a pair of sad 50 somethings with lots of Iron Maiden records and an unshakable love of white power. The name of the track is, of course, reference to the Riefenstahl film of the same name, about the 1934 Nazi rally at Nuremberg. Nice.

The video itself is another incoherent triumph, as photo after photo of English fascists are shown along with classic heavy metal posturing. The lads are painfully embarrassing to watch. Obviously not as embarrassing as their political views, which mark them out as thick cunts.


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