Unintentional Humour no. 3 – Andy Hodgson

Deep in the misty vales of late night television lurk odd, orange stained little men, with bright white teeth and entries on the sex offender’s registry. The greatest is this man, Andy Hodgson, whose appearance and demeanour shares elements of Steve Coogan’s Alan Partridge and Austrian sex man Joesph Fritzl. This video compilation of his greatest moments just gets better and better as, fuelled by a cocktail of sleeplessness and hair dye fumes, Hodgson drifts closer and closer to a sexual harassment lawsuit.

Hodgson’s frequent forays into absurdity haven’t gone unnoticed however. He was edited into Arrmando Ianucci’s retro-futurological deconstruction of British television Time Trumpet.

Even better are the moments where Hodgson, in a hellish desperation to sell, reaches Brentian lengths in his attempts to be amusing. While technically intentional humor, it’s funny, and unsettling, for all the wrong reasons.


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