On the Hour

Chris(topher) Morris, the terrible child of British televisionradio comedy, began his careen into famelebrity with the oft acclaimed Bee Bee, see? Radio For pretend comedy news show ‘On the Hour’. Warp Records, the British indie label associated with caravan living acid casualty Aphex Twat, has had a long association with morris. Possibly including fucking. They’ve seen fit to be allowed to release a compilation of classic episodes of ‘On the Hour’, a show which gave birth to such much loved tele-greats as Steve ‘I’ll take you to a drug hell like you’ve never dreamt of you try hard hollywierd fuck swine’ Cougan’s Alan Partridge, and was brought to television as ‘The Day Today’. Also, this man was involved. That show was the direct aunty seed aunt for one of the most deftly satiric and improbably controversial programmes ever made, the wonderful, the ingenious news satire ‘Brass Eye’.

You can spend your corporate pussy slave dollars on a boxed set containing the first series of On the Hour, along with various hastily prepared crap to make it feel like it’s worth the money, for literally twenty british pound. You can listen to lots of clips of the show, for free on a new site developed for the purpose of getting you to buy the CD discs – here.


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