Music Video No. 1

Music videos are often highly pretentious documents of the megalomaniacal self-involvement of the musicians involved. There are many examples where this self-involvement is appropriate, where the video’s introspection points to something larger held common in us all. Often, however, they’re just silly.

Empire of the Sun are tipped to be big next year. The song Walking on a Dream is technically brilliant in its production, utterly meaningless in its lyrical content and wild genius in its video. The two members of Empire of the Sun are hugely into themselves to the point where they hardly interact with each other at all on screen. Instead they strike pose after meaningless pose, in ridiculous costumes in the heart of Shanghai. For no reason at all. Best of all is the little bicycle and the way the thin one keeps flaunting his chest- presumably to annoy the tubby blonde.

UPDATE: Good news – there’s a making of video here.


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