Why Sara couldn’t vote for Obama


Note; I was sent this email below a few weeks ago by a friend of mine from New York. Its final email in an exchange between daughter and mother about the then up coming election. The deep seated fear, racism and indoctrination of it is both scary and fun. The truly scary but is how widely held these views are. President Elect Obama has a lot of work to do to win Sara, and people like her over.

Hi, Vanessa:

I finally got around to writing up the reasons why I can’t vote for Obama. It’s a long one, but I think it lays everything out clearly and without being nasty.

What do you think?


You have to understand that I’m not the best Christian, but I try to be at least a better one. So I’m always reading the Bible and commentaries, just like Mom did.

The Bible is very clear that toward the end, certain signs would happen. These signs (wars, economic upheaval, diseases, natural disasters, etc.) are the same that have always happened. However, they will speed up like “birth pangs” toward the end. Ironically, even Islam has a similar “end times” timeline. And the Mayans predicted some sort of cataclysmic earth renewal in 2012. (Halfway through the next President’s term, which could be important as you’ll see.)

Once these things start to happen, Jesus tells us that the “abomination which causes desolation” will appear and set himself up as a god. He will perform all sorts of miracles, and the whole world “will run after him.” He will combine religion and politics, and insist that the world be unified in both politics and religion. He will say that we need to set aside our divisions and be as one. It will sound very appealing to people. Many will even believe this person is the messiah, especially those who do not understand that the real Messiah has already been here and will not return until after these events have been fulfilled.

This person will be beloved by the whole world for 3-1/2 years (which in the Bible means half of perfection, and could imply half a Presidential, Prime Ministerial, or other term of office. Or it could mean something totally different.) At the halfway mark, he will reveal himself for what he is. He will control the entire world and cut off the ability to buy and sell of anyone who does not worship him. He will lead the world into a war the likes of which we have never seen, with Israel on the brink of annihilation. At that point, Jesus will return. (Or the final Imam, if you’re a Muslim.)

This is just the background. You can see yourself that the signs are happening faster and closer together than ever before in history. For the first time ever, the whole world can be united, thanks to satellite and other communications. For the first time ever, we can manipulate images and sound to make them say whatever we want, and people believe them. And for the first time ever, we have the ability to cut someone off. Push a button and your ATM won’t work, your credit cards won’t work, you won’t be able to get a job, buy a house, fill up your tank, etc. When Jesus spoke these words, you could simply have moved to a different city, and nobody would even know who you were. Now, you can’t go anywhere and be anonymous.

Against this background comes a candidate whose background is very fuzzy. We have only his word about who he is and where he comes from. He says he’s a Christian, but his beliefs are a bit weak, and his pastor, mentor, and father figure of 20 years is a flaming racist and hater. The man who started his career and helped launch his first campaign is an unrepentant terrorist (unrepentant being the key word) who is a self-described communist/Marxist. He bought his house with the help of a sleazy criminal with ties to the Middle East. Not only does his make you wonder why he associated with those people, but what they found attractive in him! He has a half-brother in Africa who can’t feed himself and lives in a shack, yet Obama wants to use OUR tax dollars to fix poverty in other nations.

His resume is thin. He presents himself as some kind of innovative change agent. Yet he has never authored legislation that was innovative, creative, or a radical change from the status quo. He has never stood up for anything, voting “present” almost always – “present” is a weasel vote that gets you out of being for or against something. In fact, one of the few times he voted “yea” or “nay” was to vote against the Born Alive act in Illinois, which would have required medical care for infants who survived a late-term abortion. His excuses were lame. Even when the Republicans sounded the alarm about Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, they all voted for more oversight. The Democrats voted against it. And Obama? He voted “present,” then wrote a letter instead. That way, he didn’t have to stand up for one side or the other in public. Meanwhile, he was getting hundreds of thousands of dollars from FM and FM.

He has no executive experience, other than running a radical left community organization. He has never sat on a municipal council, never been a mayor, a governor, or a business owner. He has been a senator only two years, during much of which he was campaigning for President.

He is a highly talented speaker, and says all of the right things that each audience wants to hear. He has slipped on occasion, as with his “hiding behind guns and religion” remarks that insulted much of hometown America. He also slipped when he told that plumber that he wanted to “spread the wealth around,” which means he’s more Marxist than capitalist.

If he is elected, he will have virtually no checks and balances on his proposals. He will be a far-left Democrat with a far-left House Speaker, a Democrat Congress, and, if he gets his way, far-left Supreme Court judges.

We simply do not know who this man is. He says he grew up poor. But if he was poor it was because his mother chose to run all over the world pursuing her PhD. Where did she get the money for that? His grandmother who raised him was a highly respected and powerful bank vice president who was able to send him to private schools. He also found the money to attend Harvard Law School and travel all over Indonesia, the Middle East and Africa to visit family. He got scholarships, even though he admits he goofed off, smoking dope and doing coke. And his scholarships are questionable, and may come from suspicious characters from the Middle East.

He would not be able to get clearance to be an FBI agent or Secret Service agent. Yet he wants to be President.

I’m not jumping up and down for McCain. However, there are just too many unknowns with Obama, and I will be voting against him rather than for McCain. To stay home or vote for someone else would give a vote to Obama, since his supporters are so strong.

Who knows? He could turn out to be a great President. But his secretive and vague past, his weaselly Christianity, his radical socialist stands on issues, and the background that I outlined in the first paragraphs make me too afraid to support him.


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