Interviews with high plains drifters Calexico are ten a penny at the moment, ahead of their European tour and the release of their sixth studio album. You can find Irish inquisitions of the band on Drop-d, and Connected, so what’s the point of reading another?

I spoke to lead singer Joey Burns on the 21st of August, and have lacklusterly avoided posting said interview till now. To make up for my tardiness, and out of sheer unremitting hatred of transcription, I’m going to post the whole (only very slightly) unedited interview, to give you lovely folks an unprecedented glimpse into the sycophantic journalistic machine that is Analogue.

The schoolgirlish laughter you hear from me is sheer relief. Phone interviews are horrible. No eye contact, to chance to measure body language or note that the poor sucker you’re on to is bleary eyed and obviously in the fiery depths of a heroin mental. Luckily Joey Burns turned out to be a diamond bloke. In our twenty minute chat you can hear him discuss his musical influences, the history of the L.A music scene, the bands current and past collaborations, their upcoming tour and their latin flavoured new album ‘Carried to Dust’. So slip on a pair of headphones, drop your butt on the back porch, gaze out over the great evening gilded desert, and enjoy this chilled out interview.


Calexico Interview (16.1megs)


5 thoughts on “Calexico

  1. adam says:

    I tip my cap to you, Gareth. I wouldn’t put the audio of any of my phone interviews up online. I tend to laugh way too hard at jokes that, in retrospect, are not that funny…
    I think Joey Burns is one of my favourite phone interviewees ever though – so laid back.

  2. Gareth Stack says:

    It’s kind of a punishment for me to listen to. Educative, like a piano teacher hitting you over the fingers with a steel ruler. Note to self – laugh less, ask coherent questions, don’t adopt weird interview specific stuff, stop talking like Mickey Mouse.

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