Fleet Foxes videos on Pitchfork.tv


Continuing Analogue’s love affair the the American indie elite, and proof, if proof were needed that Pitchfork.tv was the greatest thing to happen to indie music since Kurt Cobain wore a Daniel Johnston t-shirt for a year, here’s a double treat. Above, the stunning new video for the equally incomparable song from the best band I’ve heard this year – the instantly classic Fleet Foxes, with White Winter Hymnal. Below, an interview the Foxes, recorded by the pitched fork at this years South by Southwest Festival.

We have some photo’s and a teeny video from the intimate Dublin gig knocking about, which Andy really must get to posting *cough*. Almost forgot, credit to the ever excellent Pop Culture Will Eat Itself for the link.


2 thoughts on “Fleet Foxes videos on Pitchfork.tv

  1. Sean says:

    Thanks for the shout out. And I couldn’t agree more on Fleet Foxes. The album is probably the best new thing I’ve heard this year.

    I hadn’t seen the SXSW interview before. The performance under the bridge really shows what makes these guys great: they don’t need anything fancy to make moving music.

  2. Kapil says:

    I wish I could see them live! I was alautcly cooking with them today (well not *with* them, but you know what I mean). Such good tunes! Glad you enjoyed the show (and your Mom, too!)

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