Girl Talk’s New Album is out, and Free


Turntable Laptop legend and hero of the copyleft movement, Girl Talk’s new album ‘Feed the Animals‘ is available and, realistically, free. Pittsburgh native Gillis, has ‘done a Radiohead‘.

At first listen (literally), it seems similar enough to 2006’s Night Ripper, if a little less anarchic – complete with illegal samples and inventive rapid-fire juxtapositions – think Hot Chip over the Cardigans, expect samples of everything from Soldja Boy to Kelly Clarkson.

Girltalk says..

My fourth full-length album, Feed The Animals, is out today! You can download the digital version (320 Kpbs) for whatever price you want at: If you are reading this prior to 7:00 AM eastern USA time, then the page may not be ready. We’re fine-tuning some last minute things. If you pay over $5, you get an added bonus of one big mp3 file with all of the tracks connected. If you pay over $10, then you are pre-ordering a physical copy of the CD, which will be out later. All of the tracks are streaming on my myspace, but the album is intended to be listened as one continuous track.
This can be easily accomplished by getting the mp3s from Illegal Art, thanks for your support!


Pick it up, and if you can, pay the dear boy too.


4 thoughts on “Girl Talk’s New Album is out, and Free

  1. Karl says:

    Radiohead should have copyrighted doing a Radiohead. I don’t know much about Girl Talk’s deal, how does he avoid being buried by the powers-that-be?

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