Dad of The Year


The Marshmallow Ladyboy Jesus 2008 Father of the Year prize goes to Josef Fritzl. Congratulations Mr. Fritzl!

After all, can any man be said to have loved his own daughter more completely or more frequently? Fritzel spend years constructing a secure, private and fully furnished apartment for his little girl. He helped support her numerous intellectually and physically disabled children. (she was unmarried), and tucked her into bed each night, well into her forties. Elisabeth Fritzel never worked a day in her life. A scab, she gave nothing back to her family or her nation. Her father, a talented painter, decorator, spelunker and a famous lover, gave her everything – asking nothing in return. It’s quite clear that she only went to the police because Fritzl was growing too old to meet her increasingly bizarre demands. Elisabeth is a national embarrassment in her native Austria. Questioned by Piranha! the girl expressed little shame at her brazen humiliation of Poppa Fritzl – a remarkably loving father and grandfather/father.


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