Pitchfork TV Launches


Pitchfork.tv (previously mentioned on Anablog) Pitchfork’s first foray into online video, has launched.

The good news is that the site works. Unlike recent video efforts from a variety of providers from the BBC to Comedy Central, Pitchfork.tv isn’t region locked and does not require a specific browser, or insist that viewers are not behind a firewall. Video’s are freely navigable, and right now don’t suffer from textual or interstitial advertising, and while (for the most part) they can’t be embedded, they can be linked to directly.

The bad news is that right now there’s not a huge amount of interesting material on the site. Currently featured are a Pixies documentary, a live set from Jay Reatard, and (the best thing on the site for now) a variety of music videos from the likes of Aphex Twin, Bonnie Prince Billy, Negativeland to (the fantastic John Hugheseque exclusive video for) M83’s ‘Graveyard Girl‘. Shows are downloadable in iPod friendly format, videos and documentaries are not.

So far at least, the new channel looks incredibly promising – assuming they can also serve a slightly more left of centre demographic. The video’s are great, just the sort of thing that would have made it onto late night MTV2, back when they used to play music. It’d be great to see some social features, like user generated playlists, or the ability to embed more of the channel’s content in blogs and social networks.


2 thoughts on “Pitchfork TV Launches

  1. Karl says:

    The Man Man thing is cool alright. Dog in a bathtub. “All it would take is one huge band to do that, and everyone would be doing it.”

    Liars is good too.

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