Mini music recommendation no: 1 – Nathalie Nahai


I cut my teeth on acoustic music, though I rarely listen to it these days. So much seems repetitious, vapid, self congratulatory. The simple pure beauty of a Buckley track, the spicy outrage of Dylan, the melodic subtleties of Nick Drake, well to be blunt, it’s all been done right? Every now and then however, you hear a voice so clear and elemental, so sweet and fine and effortlessly reflexive, you’re forced to stop and listen. Off you go and listen to the folksy alt-country Nathalie Nahai.


One thought on “Mini music recommendation no: 1 – Nathalie Nahai

  1. Conorworld says:

    I rarely listen to this kind of music. I don’t know why, it is like I have this mental block in my head. Lovely quaint girl with guitar and boho garb, meh. GUy with funny hair, pointy shoes and guitar with a lispy voice, yawn. It does at times seem like mental masturbation on the part of the singer/song writer and it grates but there are some beauties that throw you a bit. I never really got into it until I heard “Dogs” by NIna Nastasia a few years ago so no matter how predictable it can be it alwyas throws up a gem or two. So in that case it is like a donkey and a carrot, inadvertantly led on by nibble at a time.

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