When did you become a lie? When did we stop being friends? When did you start killing? We’re looking round for someone to blame for not stopping you sooner, and to be honest there’s too much money being made to see an effective halt anytime soon. Was it the men in white coats, white faced as they told white, bare faced lies? Was it Dodi al Fayed? Was it?

Who can we blame for the downfall of Prozac? Industry, trade, boredom? It now seems so obvious. How could a small white pill fix you, when you’re down in the hole at the bottom of your mind? How could anything reach you there…

I suppose there’s little point in arguing now, we’re all too jaded to even contemplate the drawing of lines, the defining of terms and the wordjabs to come. What is clear that it won’t work now. The power of belief was all that was standing between 43 million people and the pit, it seems, so we’ve kind of fucked them. But they, take cheer in the fact that it was you, not the drugs, keeping back the coming night. More power to the people. Less power to the drugs companies.


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