Ignoring for the moment that the idea of a conceptual entity like ‘music’ having an enemy is a category error of such bizarre proportions it makes the War On Terror look like the Western front, the website is most probably well on its way to becoming labelled music’s enemy no 1 by the recording industry.

The industry has been wielding its might of late, in an effort to have web radio services like Pandora either shut down completely or made so unprofitable as to be edible. Is this a good idea? Do working musicians lose out when their audience stream (rather than download) their catalogue for free? Does the culture belong to all of us, or to to those corporations who’ve bought the rights to lend it to us? In the end it probably wont matter, the consensus amongst musicians and copyfighters alike is that the industry is in terminal decline. While it remains to be seen whether this will ultimately be a boon or a bust for genuinely talented artists, it looks in the short term at least, to predict more factory produced pop-pap raiding our airwaves – that what commodity means folks.

Back to Deezer, a website which allows you to stream an enormous variety of music, gratis; perhaps increasing sales in the process. Perhaps draining music of it’s implicit value, and turning the audience into giggling unappreciative philistines. Try it, or just criticise it in the comments and pretend you haven’t.


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