We’ve been pretty lucky here in Analogue land, both with the diversity and quality of interviews we’ve managed (and you won’t believe some of the bands we have lined up for issue two) to land. However, conducting a good interview is not always easy. The band or singer may be exhausted from travel, performance or endless rounds of inane questions; worse still, occasionally – and so far we’ve been very lucky in this regard – they may simply loathe being interviewed.

Imagine spending hours researching the life and work of an act, playing phone tennis with their management, stressing out, working through layers of PR, uncertain if your hoped for interview will actually happen untill the very, last, moment. Imagine meeting an artist, a person or group you utterly respect, and having them hate you.

This happened recently to Luke Burbank of NPR syndicated drivetime show ‘The Bryant Park Project’. Luke interviewed Sigur Ros. Sigur Freaking Ros, and found them to put it mildly, uncommunicative. Check out the video.

For an interesting glimpse behind the other side of the lens, check out this weeks blog post from the ever wonderful Stephen Fry.


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