You look so young, who could have thought you would get this far! 50 today! From your cursed birth, clawing free of the cancerous womb, bloodied and wild, screaming blue murder. Purple faced, the blood vessels burst, like a vile old man, but young and tender with it. You never had much hair did you? Even
when you were young it was thin and stringy, as if it didn’t really care to be associated with you. Its gone now. But you’ve grown child. Famous in some parts, with some people. You’ve been used. I’d love you pet, but can’t. To often touched, a far away look comes into your eyes. Too often. Too deep. Those walls are
build high. Can you see the sun? you’d never let me in.

But your curves, what curves you have. They never left you. Your tall back and great round arse. Don’t blush, many have loved you for it. Still, I suppose it is rude to bring this up on your big day. I never thought you’d make it this far. But more power to you, you’re a good thing, you know that. XX


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