Bill Murray


The tall man in a green polo neck climbed down the fire escape ladder and ran to the car. His shiny brown leather shoes rang on the concrete pavement. As he reached the car he gasped two long hard breaths as his grabbed at the neck of the jumper. His other hand fumbled for his keys.

There wasn’t one, but he yelled again –taxi- as one came round the bend, it stopped.
-oh thank god, you saved me, you saved me- as he collapsed unto the brown canvass seat behind the driver.

-where are you going?
-the hospital, I’m dying, my heart
-what the hell? get an ambulance
-they take hours, and the lights
-what about the lights, you really should get an ambulance
-the lights, I’m epileptic too, please I’m dying, please just go, the hospital
-sure, sure, don’t worry we’re going, we’re going

The cab moved off, quickly, down the street into the shade. The man pulled at the seat belt, but it was jammed. He pulled harder, but it wouldn’t budge.
-damnit this belt, I need a seat belt, what if we crash?
-try the other side, its ok we’re on our way, it won’t be too long

The driver pulled out into the opposing lane, passing parked transit van.
-hey easy, you’re going too fast, are you trying to give me a heart attack?
The driver laughed –but hey that’s what you got
-well you should take it a bit easy, god, I want to get there in one piece, there has to be some of me to save
-sorry, I’m worried for you, that all
-thank you, you’ll save my life yet
He pulled at his polo neck –this thing, I can’t breath with it, its choking me.


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