The Afternoon Show – TV3


What are you listening to this week?

Muhammad (Momo) Al Bakiri Zawerrk, Suicide bomber, Iraq

Mr Bombastic, Shaggy
This was my nickname at the camps. I got all the steps to it down. You gotta love the beats. Classic.

Boom shake the room, Fresh Prince and Jazzy Jeff.
Obvious innit? Its me job

Two tickets to Paradise, Eddie Money
That’s where I’m headed. Palm trees and blowjobs all the way.

Highway to Hell, AC/DC
Great track. Me and the lads psyche up before a blast by listening to this in the dressing room. ‘Cause its were we’re sending the infidel like.

Bootilicious, Destiny’s Child.
These girls are what I’m hoping my virgins look like. Bootilicious for me babe!

Muhammad has successfully completed 17 suicide bombings and recently bettered his personal best of 121 people killed in one blast. He is currently in training for this summers Jihad Olympics. Good luck Momo!


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