Battlestar Galactica


Gerry Anderson’s latest creation takes the string puppet genre to new heights. Each of Galatica’s intricate 1/14th scale marionettes is lovingly crafted from a silicate compound, developed during the creation of the infamous Flange In A Can, adult toy. Each characters emotional performance is handled by a dedicated crew of classically trained puppeteers.

Galactica’s plot echoes real life events, as a massively powerful invading force mercilessly pursue a scattered network of self sacrificing freedom fighters. Questioned about the controversial parallels, Anderson’s only reply is to raise his skort, yank aside a skimpy pair of Girls Gone Wild manties, and glare a flash of star and crescent branded on his taint.

Filmed entirely in space, Galactica is one of the most expensive children’s TV shows ever, second only to the BBC/HBO co-production Rome, during the filming of which, special effects artists literally traveled back in time, in order to capture the source textures used in their detailed CG recreation of ancient Italy.

Galactica’s runaway success means that the shows format is unlikely to disappear, and several of the puppets have already turned down roles in the Team America 2 to work on a planned fourth series. As for creator Anderson, he’s turned to philanthropy, opening a harem for sick children in Baghdad, and regularly visiting the conflict zone. Many of the troops stationed in the troubled nation are reportedly huge fans of the show, some going so far as to craft their own Cylon style uniforms from Dragon Skin. With UAV’s, next generation mobile infantry, and Darpa projects to produce robotic commandos, the US army edge ever closer to their goal of literally becoming comic book villains.

Battlestar, you are the future.


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