Substance – Joy Division


Have you ever fallen over and not wanted to get up again, ’cause like in a few minutes you’ll only fall over again, but harder this time? Do you ever wonder why you’ve bothered to get up, to open your eyes, why you just don’t lie on your bed pretending and lying to yourself that your asleep. That you could be happy. Really? Jeez, sort yourself out.

I’ve no time for this moping laugh. Get up and out into the sunlight. Grab a drink, that’ll perk you up. Have another sip there and pass the can. There’s good boy. Now let go, I know a pitch up by O’Connell Bridge, you can make like €30 in twenty minutes, and I’ve a pack of rich tea that’ll tide us over. You know that burning hunger, the feeling like you’ve just been punched in the stomach? Like it? I love it. It makes my brain real sharp.

Here we are. Have a drag on that. Benson’s are the best aren’t they? Real strong flavour. So, what’s up? Want to go halves on that cider? Go on, I’m going to the offie in a wee while. Legend. See, we’ve barely sat down and we’ve got a couple of quid already. You stick with me child. I see you through. Winters past. We’ve months of this, balmy blue skies. Drunk young lovers out for a night. We could be lovers.


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