Frank – Amy Winehouse


Amy Winehouse has long been a controversial figure. Derided and adored in equal measure, yet blessedly immune to public opinion, she stands in stark contrast to our expectations. Amy was born in Egypt in 1942 to Greek Orthodox parents, moving to the East London borough of Clapham at the age of eight. As a child Amy experienced prophetic visions and witnessed the souls of the newly dead rise from their mortal corpuscles, however at she grew to adulthood, religion became unimportant in her life.

Amy could have been any normal married woman, ignoring the message of Jesus and embracing sin and godlessness. However Jesus had a special place for her in his plan.

Beginning in 1985, Amy was granted a series of visions of our Lord God Jesus Christ. Soon after this, she was approached by the guardian angel Holland, who began to write holy scripture through her vessel. After a time of testing, during which Amy received messages from a variety of souls as well as Abandon himself (may he crawl through flame till the end of days), Jesus judged her worthy to receive his scripture and testament. Since her first experiences with our Lord Jesus Christ, Amy has filled over 107 notebooks and spoken more than 800 times in 63 countries. Jesus’s words as handed down through Amy have been collected in a volume entitled ’True Life in Winehouse’.

Initially the church rejected Christ’s messages in Amy. In 1995 the congregation for doctrine of the faith warned the faithful that Amy’s message was to be treated as her creation rather than the WORD OF GOD, many false apostles including the artist of bealzibub and producer of heretical tracks ’Jack Chick’ took this opportunity to condemn Amy as a false prophet.

But legions of the faithful who had been touched by Amy’s message approached the holy see and in 2004 cardinal Ratzinger, today consecrated as his holiness Benedict XVI, received Amy into the arms of the church as a messenger of our Lord God Jesus Christ, as she has successfully answered any questions relating to her life before the holy message of the baby Jesus Chris. Through his messenger Amy, has many important messages for us. He condemns the godlessness of Europe and America where the holocaust of SINLESS BABIES continues even as I write this, and godless Canada who’s LIBERAL government prevent schools from teaching the TRUE WORD OF JESUS, and where divorce, homosexual, unmarried mothers and sexual relations outside the sacrament of marriage are rife.

Little baby Jesus, Tearful ladyboy Jesus, and Wise Old Man Jesus as he is in Heaven, together provide the prophetic scripture of Amy Winehouse, which foretold of the collapse of the devils two fingered salute to sin in New York, and predict a joyous reuniting fo the Christian churches, True Life in Winehouse!


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