All of You



You know you’re kind of cute. Whats your name?

Wait. Don’t tell me. Lets keep it a sexy mystery. Like the things your parents do in the bed.

I’m sorry. I was being gross. I do that sometimes if I’m nervous. Please ignore it. I’m really quite lovely.

If you read this you’re a black.

Ha. I did a joke just there. Actually I’ve nothing against God’s chosen people.

.. That was really pretty what you just did. Kinda wrinkled your nose.

So. Are you em. Seeing anybody?

I’m just asking cause you have this like.. Light.

I sort of want to get to know you better. Don’t worry I’m not a gay or anything. I just believe in being really honest.

You’re blushing! Aww shit.

So. You think we could. Em. Hang out at some stage?

There’s actually this really cool show on in Lemonstreet gallery. My friend’s got a few pieces in.

Well we went to school together.

Sir said I was actually a better drawer. But I never took it seriously.

You know you’ve got really really lovely hands.

Really. I’m not being weird. Your cuticles are like little moons.

I’d love to touch them with my own hands. But they’re so big and ugly.

I have to go.

Look I’m going to have to give you my number.

You don’t have to say anything.

Just don’t call at night. Cause my parents are asleep.

Bye love.


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