We are not the Infidels – The Infidels


The record stomps and drags you through it, it passes you by so quickly you don’t notice the time past- your head full of the gory details, like driving past a nasty car smash at 90mph on a freeway, and you swear that you saw a half dead guy trying to pull his decapitated girls friends body out of their Nissan Micra’s burning, record, and he’s bleeding everywhere, and all you can think about is if you can stop and go back and get a better look, ’cause like its much more real than the movies and then you’re trying to work out if you do a U’ie at the next turn off, will you be back in time to see more or will the medics be there, not that they should bother, just send a meat truck, there all for hell any way but by the time you’ve thought of it all you’re gone, parked up outside your house, your flies unbuttoned as you watch it all again from the eye in the sky on channel 4 news. or whatever.

they sound like the Buzzcocks or Talking Heads maybe. or perhaps they are closer to any art school band anywhere in the world, posing, playing overly complicated nonsense, whilst there ‘lead’ “singer” yelps on as he was a man in his 40’s doing an impression of a pre-teen doing an impression of Interpol. lazy and definitely plagiarising in places.


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