Thriller – Miguel Jacksonez


Miguel was not a star of his own accord, he was plucked from the streets were he had spent the first twelve years of his life and sent into training. He was chosen for his unique bone structure and tight round buttocks. For the next thirty two years he was trained in dance and mime. He would never sing the songs that made him famous. This was done first by a choir of fifteen Peruvian girl Scouts and two classically trained tenors from Argentina. Later, as computer technology progressed they were replaced by four sega megadrives selotaped together and a guy called Keith, who knew how to make it sing like an angel. When this album was released in nineteen eighty something Miguel was already the star of fraud group the Jackson five. Now four four years old he wanted a solo project. Well as solo as having the singing done by seventeen different people can get.

Although much of Jacksonez’ work is being reappraised due to his recent legal problems, this still stands towering above every other release of the 1980’s. Towering like a tall fat guy over a burger on the ground. That’s big. Track after track. It is like most albums in this facet, to be fair.
Still, although he’s had a lot of work done, he looks well for a former Mexican male prostitute in his 70’s.


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