The good the bad and the queen


It all seemed so innocent. Didn’t it? It did t’me. Fuck it for a while I believed it would be fun. They were some how much more likeable than oasis, who looked like they might give you a kicking and steal our weed, or the pedo looker Jarvis. Fucking blur were all shouty like bumping into a group of mates in the pub a bit worse for wear on e and shrooms (oh look lots of drug references, I must be cool). Then Albarn fucked off for a bit, started doing side projects, went travelling in Africa and released the excellent Mali music, and then there was that whole shit on your breakfast plate the Gorillaz. Jesus that was terrible. Even the fucking name. piss. Anyway then blur tried to turn into Radiohead and did the passable think tank. It was toss in places but I liked a few tracks. And that more than I can say for a lot of things. But this little side wank in the mirror is really bad. Oh, I’m sure people will say its great. Innovative. Its not. Its Albarn buggering around. Singing through a cardboard box from the sound of it. Its basically British sea power and we all know how foolish we were to allow them in the sitting room. Balls balls balls.


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