The blue trees – Gorky Zygotic Mynci


Hot damn this was like having my head dunked into joy, take this image and run with it, and some money and buy this little brilliance, this unsurpassed sample of heavens elevator music and smile, smile like a Cheshire cat manufacturer whose just replaced his entire work force with a machine.

You will be listening to this record, a happy half hour, in the back garden of you awful little squat brick home, surrounded by thousands of others like, their soulless architecture identical to yours, and the sun will lazily stretch out from behind its cloud, the sky will be startlingly blue, your drink sweet and fresh and tasty and you will stand up and away from your creaking canvass deck chair take two steps forward and swallow dive into you garden pond, into the dark mirks and depths and the music will carry you deeper until you reach your happy, gentle place, with warmth and quiet and unending and unnerving dark.

Well, that’s what happened to me, and sweeter than the freshness in water is in my all time top five, so you know, its a bit class.


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