Stadium Arcadium – Red Hot Chilli Peppers


You know the Mylo song Destroy Rock and Roll. Well these guys heard it and took it seriously. Now I’m sure people will argue, and not without reason that RHCPricks have been subtly trying to kill rock for years, cynically producing horrible radio friendly poptastic rocklightwalk to channel money away from other bands actually trying something new and interesting. Now whilst this argument has some degree of validity, this album is surely the fucking height of it.

What a crock of shit. Indeed if these fuckers could bottle the essence of commercial pop, could drink it and then piss it out onto a cd then it would sound like this. To be honest that was probably the A &R stage of this pro ject by franchise Hot Cunt Peppers. Hell they probably see themselves as a franchise. They’re like those drunk mother fuckers who are undermining the city by pissing on the side of buildings gently wearing away the stone and destroying the foundations of the whole city in a wave of piss.


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