Myths of the Near Future – The Klaxons


Myths of the near future. What do they mean by that? The obvious poetical necessity of it, as a concept is that of a stunning arrogance. It reeks of the smug old boy system, of school ties and port, of ruddy faced men in blazers laughingly clubbing a baby seal to death. The idea of myths of the near future is that twinkle in the eye of the cock stain jock on the first day of school when he realises that he’s going to be fine here. Perhaps the most obvious direction of thought demanded is that of neo-architectural poetry from southern France, the stiltedly intentional verse of Franscois Glempz. Gently gently the klaxons draw a picture of themselves, gently gently you realise that it is true, or a truth, or a version, and idea, a perspective of the truth. They start gently gently to revel in themselves, an aural dance of the seven veils.

But in that, as here you never see her friendly beaver tongue. Just as here you never see any evidence of talent, ability or skill. They must have them somewhere, they didn’t just pull golden skans out their asses. The video for it is amazing. But the live Jools Holland recording is terrible – they look shite live don’t they- most bands sound fantastic on jools. Shame. you tube it and tell me if I’m wrong.


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